Virechana (Purgation)

Virechana is an excretion form of Panchakarma treatment by which Pitta dosha is removed from the body through anus, particularly the GI tract. By Snehana-Svedhana karmas, you eliminate toxins by cleansing your bowels. Then you are administered a herbal laxative that helps you cleanse the toxins easily.


  • Detoxification of accumulated Pitta dosha
  • Helps in reducing fever & constipation
  • Prevents toxin accumulation in the GI tract
  • Normalizes blood pressure & menstrual problems
  • Effective treatment for piles, acidity, ulcers, liver/ spleen diseases, jaundice, inflammations
  • Cleanses body from poisoning
  • Cures mild and chronic skin disorders
  • Relieves headaches, anaemia, pain in large intestine, non-healing wounds
  • Helps manage diabetes, asthma & heart diseases
  • Reduces gynecological disorders

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