The process involves administering medicated substances such as herbal decoction, oils, milk or ghee into your rectum to cleanse it. Vasti works effectively for complex and chronic vata dominated disorders & works well on arthritis, piles & constipation. It can also treat Parkinsonism, convolutions & sterility.

As anuvasan basti imparts snigdh vasti, niruha imparts shodhana vasti i.e clearance & purification.

Benefits :

  • Expels morbid doshas from body
  • Prevents accumulation of excreta
  • Promotes bulk making thin person stout
  • Emaciates obese & overweight people
  • Nourishes eyes
  • Prevents ageing & premature ageing
  • Promotes longevity & anti ageing
  • Total body development & nourishment
  • Enhances skin color & complexion
  • Promotes strength & immunity

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