Shiro Abhyangam

Shiro means ‘Head’ & Abhyanga means ‘Massage’. Thus it means Ayurvedic head massage with herbal oils. Massaging the head & body is a very old Ayurvedic treatment for mental & physical ailments. Ayurvedic Shiro Abhyangam not only relaxes the mind & body but also keeps many diseases & stress away. It induces a sense of calmness, peace & tranquility. This daily head & body massage therapy helps the body to struggle through the busy schedules with a relaxed mind & soul. It gives longevity to the body cells & nerve tissues making the body flexible, healthy & immune.


  • Loosens blocked nerves that cause built-up of negative energy
  • Increases energy, alertness & concentration
  • Deep relaxing therapy & improves eyesight
  • It gives relief from pain, stress, insomnia & tiredness
  • Reduces muscle stiffness
  • Reduces physical & mental fatigue
  • Improves blood circulation to affected areas
  • Relieves headache & migraines
  • Stimulates healthy hair growth
  • Prevents hair fall & graying
  • Anti ageing - relaxes facial & eye muscles

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