Shiro dhara is an easiest way of calmness & rejuvenation. As the word breaks into Shiro means ‘head’ & dhara means ‘flow’. It refers to pouring of warm aromatic herbal oils on the third eye i.e above & between the eyebrows. It gives a balancing effect on deepest recesses of the brain, stimulating the pituitary & pineal glands, (hormonal disorders) & soothes neurotransmitters (stress & depression). It is effective in treating insomnia, stress, decreased mental agility.

Relaxes mind & body

  • The flow of medicated oil on the forehead relaxes the mind & body by removing harmful accumulated toxins. The release of toxins helps purify the soul & enhances relaxation. As the body cools down & relaxes, stress levels are reduced & concentration level is increased.

It increases energy

  • The oil flows to other parts of top body, inducing energy throughout the body making one feel healthier, fit & active. It is used for treatment of weak and feeble patients, for recovery after long-term ailments.

Improves healing

  • Shirodhara helps nutrients from herbal oils to flow deep to the brain, assisting in healing the body from deep within.

Treats insomnia & promotes sound sleep

  • The warm medicated oils calm & stabilize the mind resulting in a relaxed mind. This way Shirodhara treats insomnia & promotes sound sleep. It increases the production of serotonin &endorphins, which improves the quality of sleep.

Nourishes hair & skin

  • Regular use of oils on scalp can make hair follicles stronger, encouraging the growth of new hair. The flow of oil on scalp & hair can help cure hair loss problems.

Improves concentration

  • Shirodhara nourishes the scalp, improves the thought process, gain mental clarity, de-stress, as a preventive treatment for hair loss, baldness, neurological disorders, keeping our concentration and memory in better condition.

Reduces anxiety & stress

  • Shirodhara is the most important treatment for stress as it relaxes the mind inducing complete relaxation & has beneficial effect on sensory organs to calm the mind. Pouring medicated oil on forehead gives tranquilizing effect & induces sound sleep without stress.

Treats memory problems

  • Shirodhara improves blood circulation to the brain & increases absorption. As this therapy induces relaxation, so a calm mind is the best treatment of memory problems.

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