Packs & Compresses

Water Packs

Hot packs (fomentations)- can be used for the relief of muscle pains, but are better in combination with Epsom salts. Cold packs are effective for insomnia, high temperature, nervous indigestion and wind, headaches, sore throat, oedema and sprains. For fever, the pack may be changed every five to 10 minutes, while for relaxation; it may be left for a long time. For insomnia and nervous indigestion, place the cold pack on the abdomen.

Castor Oil Packs

These are excellent for improving intestinal functions and for stimulating the immune system, as well as in problems with the sexual glands and the bladder. Castor oil packs on the abdomen should be used at the beginning of all serious health improvement, especially if there are any problems with digestion, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, arthritis and cancer.

In addition, hot castor-oil packs may be applied directly to weak, painful or swollen body parts, for example, on weak eyes, or eyes with cataracts, stiff neck, painful back, swollen knee, on cysts and tumours, and on the heart. Persistent use of castor oil packs frequently gives excellent results when other methods fail. For external use only, agricultural castor oil may be used.

Epsom-salt Packs

Recommended for arthritis, neuritis, paralysis, back pain, gastritis, colitis, infections and kidney problems. Dissolve Epsom salts in hot water to make a saturated solution, soak a cloth in it and apply hot. Keep warm with a hot-water bottle. Alternatively, Epsom salts may be spread liberally on a hot wet cloth and applied. Leave on for one or two hours; repeat as required

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