Deluxe Hydro Massage

Hydro Massage is based on the therapeutic use of warm water & high-pressure water jets as massage tools. The Jet creates a sensation of floating & an intense circulatory reaction in the body producing effective muscular and deep tissue relaxation. People with high blood pressure & during pregnancy or recovery from injury/surgery, doctor recommendation are important. Avoid eating a large meal or drinking alcohol before your treatment.


  • Cardiovascular rehabilitation - The heat from warm water raises the body’s temperature, speeding up the heart beat sweating which keeps the heart healthy for people with cardiovascular disorder.
  • Improved sleep - Hydrotherapy uses warm water jets to massage the body and regulate circulation in the tissues ensuring deep tissue & muscular relaxation.
  • Pain relief - The warm water jets massage the joint or muscular pain to relieve the pain & relax the muscles.
  • Stress relief - A daily session with hydro massage jets will help to reduce your stress levels & combat stress for your future promoting relaxation.
  • Relaxation – Hydrotherapy uses natural properties of water & applies temperature to stimulate positive relaxation of the body with increased circulation, muscle relaxation & detoxification through perspiration.

About Us

KINAY is the latest venture of Kailash Group of Hospitals, which has been offering quality services in the field of health care for the past 35 years. This institute is the brain child of Dr. Mahesh Sharma and Mr. S. M. Garg – Director of Kailash Group of Hospitals, who with their innovative thinking have blended the most popular traditional therapies and presented KINAY in service of the society.


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Uttar Pradesh, INDIA
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