Avagaha Sweda

It is an ayurvedic method of sudation(sweating) to remove toxins. The patient’s body is submerged in medicated oil or decoction up to neck is termed as Avagaha Swedan. This process helps in fomentation to the body. Avagaha Sweda gives relief from pain and inflammation. Patients experience immediate sense of relief from pain and body stiffness. Avagaha Sweda is sweating by immersion and is a part of Purva Karma treatment prior to Panchkarma, Here, the patient is made to sweat while seated in a large tub.

Treatment of hernia, painful urination, rheumatism & diseases caused due to deranged vata humor. easily. Swedana liquifies the doshas, clears the obstruction of channels of circulation and directs thedoshas to selective places from where they can be expelled. This Ayurvedic therapy is capable of treating burnt, poisoning, dehydration, insomnia.

Benefits of Avagaha Sweda:-

  • Relieves stiffness of the body especially joints
  • Brings the feeling of lightness in the body relieving heaviness
  • Imparts hotness or ushnata to The body by its thermal action.
  • Induces sweating in the body to flush off metabolic wastes & toxins resulting in clear glowing skin.
  • Improves digestive ability.
  • Promotes softness of the body.
  • Smoothness & clearness of the skin.
  • Food fondness
  • Clearness of bodily ducts & channels.(blockages)
  • Removes sleepy eyes
  • Relieves stiffness of joints.
  • Removes all kinds of pain.

Factors on which the application of Avagaha swedan

  • Nature of the illness – the type of swedan depends on the type of illness of patient & symptoms the body is showing.
  • Seasonal time - if the disease is of serous type, season is very cold and if the body of the patient is strong, then a strong swedana should be planned. If the disease is mild season is moderately cold and the body is weak mild type is suited
  • Location of Dosha– the swedan gives best effects to treat the dosha but depends according to the location of problem.
  • Organs affected – the avagaha swedan treatment follows as per the organ affected as every organ reacts to it differently.

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